December Training Client of the Month: Andrew Tang

Congratulations to our December Client of the Month, Andrew Tang!

Andrew and his wife Christine started training with DP back in March of 2012. I remember that they both didn’t really “like” working out and their results had been sub-par in the past.

Andrew saw the results almost immediately. He was getting stronger, losing some fat and his basketball stamina and power was improving in a huge way.

In March of 2013 Andrew suffered a huge set back when he tore his ACL during a basketball game.

I remember the email that he wrote to me the day after, telling me the story. I could just feel how disappointed and sad he was but I also knew he was going to be a fighter and come back even stronger.

I wanted to give Andrew the Client of the Month award for this month but truly he could have received it in any of the months leading up to this.

After his surgery Andrew was in the gym keeping his stamina up and working as much upper body as he could. You may remember seeing him pedaling along on the Air Dyne bike while the 6pm crew trained.

He was also rocking single leg push ups during a few Charity workouts and Saturday training sessions.

In the last few months Andrew has pushed himself to get back to 100% strength but at the same time has been extremely smart about his recovery and hasn’t overdone the work at all. It’s been just the right amount to avoid any damage or soreness.

During this time Andrew is always busting his butt and helping others stay positive during a tough training session.

I can’t wait to see what the next couple of months bring and I know he’ll be back to his box jump domination in no time.

Congrats again Andrew!

Andrew COM