This Guy on the Train Looks Totally Hungover (and how to eat healthier)

I’m on the train to NYC for a 5 day business mastermind group. It’s the day after the Super Bowl and it definitely looks like a few of these people went out last night.
One guy behind me is passed out, head on the tray table, mouth open.
The guy next to him is also passed out, not so sloppy but he looks a little rough too.
No judgement here, I’m just saying that these guys are probably not the only ones that ate and drank a little too much last night.
How do you deal with that?
We all have those times when how should I say, our calorie intake is a bit higher than we’d like.
I like to use a little balancing technique.
When I have nights that I eat dinner really late, or I eat too much the day before, I just push my first meal out a few hours.
Nothing crazy, just until about 10 or 11am.
During that time I drink lots of water and 1 coffee.
This will allow your body to continue a nice fat burning process that happens while you sleep.
Growth hormone is high (good) and cortisol is low (good).
This process can continue for a few hours while you’re awake and you can reduce the overall calories that you eat the next day by skipping breakfast, or pushing it out a few hours.
I use fasting here and there in my regular nutrition plan.
The ultimate goal is to create a nice flow with your nutrition. I’ll be back on Wednesday to touch on how you can actually do that.