Is Too Much Exercise Too Much (and one thing you MUST do)

In the world of extremes that we live in today, everything is too fast, too over the top and just too much.

If someone tells you to take 2 Advil for your back pain, a lot of people will take 4 because it’s just twice as good, right?

Maybe in the short term.

We’ve become obsessed with extremes for exercise too. This is not a video about why you should do LESS exercise, because I definitely think most people are doing too little anyway…

The point I want to make is that you need to get your doses correct.

Too much exercise without actually progressing to get better doesn’t do you any good.

When you combine that with not enough sleep and not enough food (or too much of the wrong stuff) then you have a recipe for zero results, injury, burn out, fatigue and just feeling like total crap.

What’s the difference between a workout and a training session?

A workout is just a bunch of exercises thrown together with no progression and no reason for them.

If you are doing a different “workout” every single week, just smashing yourself into the ground, how do you measure your progress?

A training session is a strategic group of exercises designed to elicit a certain response. Whether that response is fat loss (which occurs after the session, not during), muscle development or just overall conditioning, it comes with a plan.

Check out this video where I talk about the M.E.D for exercise, nutrition and sleep and the one thing you MUST do without negotiation if you want results.