Which of These Three Fit You Best?

Are you a fight, flight or a freeze?

I was listening to a podcast the other day and the guest was speaking about how people react to certain situations.

It’s pretty interesting and I think intuitively we all kind of “know” this but when it’s spelled out so simply, it really makes you think.

When you come across something new, a challenge or a rough patch, what do you do?

Do you fight through the initial discomfort and through maybe a little pain?

Do you hit the flight mechanism and just run from it to try and ignore it?

Do you just freeze and do nothing (the old “paralysis by analysis” fits in here)?

It’s probably not the same reaction for every situation.

Some situations might seem easier to fight through because you see the reward coming or the light at the end of the tunnel.

Some may drum up memories for you that are pretty painful so you run to avoid them.

Some things may have you so confused on where to start that you just freeze and do nothing.

Not every person will fall into the same category for the same situation.

The important thing that I took from the interview and I wanted to pass along to you is that you should start becoming aware of what you’re doing in a tough situation.

I started doing this and it’s pretty eye opening. The acknowledgement is tough and the next level is what you’ll do about it.

Take a second and look at your own behavior. Ask yourself, “Am I fighting, fleeing or freezing?

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