How to Be Happier and Why Facebook Can Suck

Everyone is on a quest to be happier. How many of us have read books on the topics of happiness?

Most people that I know, at least….

Are you one of them?

If you answered yes, then how are you doing it?

What I’ve noticed with myself and a lot of people that I talk to every day is that that happiness is coming from external stuff.

When I lose 10 pounds I’ll be happier

When I get a different job, my schedule will be better and I’ll be happier

When I have a body like so-and-so I’ll be happier because I’ll feel more confident

We all do this to ourselves on a daily basis.

Looking into the future to try and feel that “happiness” is fighting a losing battle.

Have you ever been on a quest to lose those 10 pounds and then you do and you absolutely feel more confident and you are proud of yourself, but you don’t feel any different deep down.

You are not a happier person just because of your appearance if you haven’t been working on that personal happiness along the way.

Playing the “when I do this” game is a happiness killer.

The other happiness killer is something that I think is affecting our generation more than any other and that’s social media.

Do you ever find yourself going on Facebook and just scrolling through, thinking that everyone’s life seems so great? They’ve really got it all together. Their workouts are perfect, that person’s body is perfect, they have great relationships, etc, etc.

Sometimes it’s enough to make you question your own sanity.

Seriously, from Facebook?

If we are trying to gain happiness based on someone else’s life (or our perception of their life), we are also setting ourselves up for failure and feeling like a bag of shit about ourselves.

So what is the answer?

Finding happiness based on what YOU want from YOUR life is the key.

Don’t compare your job, your body, your goals or  your relationship to anyone else’s.

I’m not going to to pretend to be an expert on how to become happier, I can only speak from my own experiences and my own daily thoughts.

If I try to compare myself, I feel like total shit.

If I start my day and make a conscious effort to be ME throughout the entire day with no comparison and no judgement of other people’s lives, I’m in a much better place.

My challenge to you is to start doing that. The first step is to be aware of what you’re doing. Then next step is to make an effort to stay in your own space and in line with your own goals.

In order to do that second step, you have to have your goals set pretty crystal clear because if you don’t, you’ll still be comparing yourself to other people because you don’t have any other compass to lead you.

Start becoming aware of your own goals, what YOU want to accomplish and don’t base them on someone else’s version of  being happy or successful. Once you do that, become more aware and stop yourself from comparing to others.

This will help you work on your own internal happiness and take you a little closer to your own version of success.

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