Durbrow Performance Training Client of the Month: March 2014 Sam Godin

Congrats to our March 2014 Client of the Month, Sam Godin!

Sam just celebrated her 1 year anniversary with the Durbrow Performance family and what a transformation she has had.

When I first met Sam, I knew she was going to crush it. We had a long talk about how fed up she was and how she was ready for a change. I could just see the fire and I knew she would change her life.

Like most of us, the change has not been easy, full of struggles that are more mental than physical, but Sam has persevered like a champ.

Since November Sam has lost 26 inches, including 8 inches off her hips alone. This doesn’t even include the clothing size she has dropped since dialing in her nutrition in the last 6 weeks.

We chose Sam for the Client of the Month in March because that fire that I saw in March of 2013, it was back. Every single workout Sam has come to play. She’s been lifting heavy, pushing sleds like a maniac and keeping up with her conditioning workouts at home, which had previously been a bit of a struggle.

I’m so proud of this lady and I know the journey is really just starting.

Congrats Sam, you deserve it!