Somerville Personal Training Gym: Band Assisted Pull Ups

Pull Ups are one of the best upper body exercises. Many women struggle to do them because they are unsure about how to start, their form is not quite right, or they are just nervous about jumping up on a bar and banging out a few unassisted pulls. I totally get it.

One of the best ways to progress with pull ups is using a band assisted technique. Simply stated, the band will give you assistance as you go through the highest range of motion. It will get you comfortable in your grip strength, upper back activation and just make you feel totally bad ass.

Here’s an example of how to use the band assisted pull up technique. This is one of our small group personal training clients in the gym in Somerville:



I’d love to hear your thoughts on Pull Ups and if you do them, or use the band assisted technique. Leave a comment below!