Durbrow Performance Training: September Client of the Month Lynne Prevost

Congratulations to our September Client of the Month, Lynne Prevost!

Lynne has been training with our Durbrow Performance family since January of 2010. She has traveled with me and the rest of the gang from Kendall Square to Central Square to Cambridge Street and now to our current home in Somerville.

Right from the first session I knew that I really liked Lynne. She was super sweet and friendly but as soon as it was time to train, she put her game face on. Plus we could always talk Patriots football, even in the springtime 🙂

Since the start of her training here at Durbrow Performance, Lynne has gone from 27% to 17% body fat and has lost about 19 inches from her body overall, while adding several pounds of lean muscle along the way.

She has become a staple at our 6am Wednesday and Friday sessions, always there to push herself and to encourage others to do the same, especially any new client that may be wondering just what they are in for on that first training session.

Lynne has adopted the complete lifestyle, working hard and eating right while still enjoying the occasional splurge instead of trying to “diet” and struggle with results.

Thanks for being such an awesome part of our training team, Lynne and we are all proud of you and your success along the way!

Somerville training client of the month Lynne P


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