Personal Training in Somerville: Strength Circuit with Kettlebells

Strength Circuit with Kettlebells: Somerville Personal Training


Kettlebells are one of the most bad-ass ways to train for strength and overall fitness. They are a bit tougher than dumbbells for most movements because of the way the weight is situated. KBs require you to train every muscle in your body, they challenge your core and they will absolutely smoke your cardiovascular system.

The Double Kettlebell Clean & Press is one of my favorite KB exercises. It requires a tremendous amount of lower body power, core strength and overall stamina.

I filmed a quick video of a portion of our strength training session the other night. A couple clients are hitting up a Double Clean & Press for 5 reps.


This is at our awesome new training center in Somerville. If you want to join in just click the link below and sign up for a free 60 minute consultation with Callie.

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