Somerville Personal Trainer Tips: How to Set Up Your Nutrition Plan

Happy Monday. I hope your weekend was great and you’re ready to attack this week with focus and clarity and that you’ll have some fun along the way.

In the last couple of months I’ve been really focused on making sure that I’m having fun every day. Obviously there are things that come up each day that we just don’t want to do, but when there are times to enjoy yourself, you gotta take it.

It’s all about staying present too. I used to be really bad about always thinking about what I need to be doing in the next moment and not focusing on what I am actually doing in that current moment. Now I’m trying to stay in the moment and that helps me to have more fun too.

I encourage you to start staying aware of your present moment and just freakin’ enjoy yourself once and a while. Life’s too serious and people need to chill out and realize there’s a lot more to life than their little world.

Okay, rant over 🙂

What I really wanted to hook you up with today is a video I did the other day about how to set up your nutrition plan. In this video I outline how to set up each meal, when to eat carbs and some other simple tactics that will help you rock out your nutrition plan.

Check out this short video….