Get the Hell Out of Your Comfort Zone (It Sucks!)

Last weekend I took a last minute trip to Orange County, CA to do a one-day seminar with some of the top fitness business leaders.

I have been in business groups and masterminds over the last few years and hung with some super heavy-hitters in the industry and now I’m proud to call them my friends. These groups have allowed me to really branch out in my business and push it to higher and higher levels every year.

This particular seminar was a lead-in to a new business group that’s going to allow me to move my business in a new direction, into the online space.

I met with the guys, went over some ideas and then before the day was over, jumped on board to a mastermind group with some of the top pros in the industry once again. I’m no stranger to taking action, it’s just part of my personality to get shit done.

I came home and was crazy excited and ready to start working on my new product and program. I got into the group and started chatting with some people, seeing what they’re doing and all of a sudden I got a paralyzing fear.

I have mentioned before in previous emails that I’m a very physically emotional person. I literally feel things in my gut. This was one of those days. I was on a roll, working on the program and then I literally stopped in my tracks.

I had this overwhelming feeling of fear and it stopped my momentum fast.

I started thinking about how I might be over my head, this new group is too high level for me and maybe I’m not cut out for this.

It’s human nature to want to stay comfortable and stay in that warm, cozy bubble that doesn’t hurt and isn’t scary.

I started my training business and I reached out for mentors, it helped me a million times over. It’s the same thing with branching out into an online portion of my business. I know what to do but I want the accountability of the group and to have someone there to guide me and to answer questions, so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

It took me a good hour to talk myself out of the whirlwind I had created for myself. I knew it was the right move to make but I was totally scared.

I thought about how the people in the group are already so far ahead of me, some of them making 6 and 7 figures online and I haven’t even finished my first product. What the hell am I doing here?

Once I came to my senses I took a deep breath and made myself realize that I have to focus on ME and not what everyone else is doing. I can’t compare myself to them right now and it’s all a learning process and a growth process for me and my business.

As I was driving to the gym the next day, I was thinking back on that and also how it relates to fitness.

So many people go through this same mental fight when it comes to working out. When they see other people in shape, they may get motivated to take action. Some people might do the complete opposite and retreat further into a scared state where no action happens.

My advice to you if you are just starting out (or wanting to start out) is to utilize your group as motivation and fuel to get better. Don’t compare yourself to someone who has been training for a year. Their habits are different than yours, but you WILL get there.

On the other side of the coin, don’t become paralyzed with fear and never start. One of my long time mentors once said to me “action alleviates anxiety.”

When you feel overwhelmed or scared, just do SOMETHING to move yourself forward.

Surround yourself with people who will motivate you to be better, even if you’re not quite there yet.

Staying in a comfortable bubble feels good at the time, but feeling regret and knowing that you can do MORE is a much, much worse feeling.

If you’re ready to get around a motivating, supportive group that will push you but also make you laugh while you work out (yes, it’s true!) then click here.