Why You Don’t Need Motivation to Get Results


All things you may hear from a “trainer” or see while scrolling through your Instagram feed.

Pretty much all the things that you need to be “successful” with your weight loss, fat loss or just changing you body in general…right?

Well, kind of.

The real hang up that people have is not due to lack of discipline, motivation or dedication (the whole #beastmode thing just kinda sucks, IMO). It’s that they lack the skills and habits to put this dedication into play.

You WANT to get those results…I’m not doubting that.

But, if you don’t have the habits in place that allow you to STAY disciplined for the majority of your day, it just ain’t happening. Instead you feel inconsistent, lacking willpower and you feel like some days you are “on” the wagon while some days you are “off.”

This is just life. Some days you will be on fire and raring to go. Other days you will be just kinda bleh….and that’s okay.

The real results come when you are 80-90% compliant with your good habits, 100% of the time. Makes life much easier and more fun than trying to be 100% compliant and then 10%.

So what kind of habits do we want?

What’s the deal, what do we need if not discipline and motivation?

Skills and habits

Your habits and actions dictate your results

Not how you “feel” that day. If you went by simply how you felt each day, it’s a crap shoot, right?

Some days you’re motivated and some days not so much. I get that. I have days like that just like anyone else.

What separates the people who get results and feel happy about their progress from the ones that feel like they’re constantly on or off the wagon, depending on the day?

It’s those habits

Staying consistent really trumps anything else. Stay compliant to your healthy life 80% of the time instead of going from 100% perfect eating to 10% because you “blew it.”

How do you stay consistent with habits?

Here are some examples from our most successful clients:

Consistent workouts (3-4x per week with us at our facility)
Not trying to be perfect
Seeking out help and coaching

That’s pretty much it. It’s not rocket science and you don’t need a very specific plan- you just need to stick to one.

The best plan is the one you stick to.

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