The Secret to Getting More Confidence

Confidence. That’s a weird thing. We all want it.

Sometimes we have it and sometimes we have days or weeks where we are just getting our ass kicked up and down the street.

I know you feel me on this…

So what happens to our confidence there?

It’s pretty much non-existent.

Do you ever notice that you always kind of revert back to your comfortable behaviors when you are feeling less confident?

I know that I do, 100%

I’m a people pleaser. I hate asking for help.I get anxiety

Those are my fall back behaviors. It’s stuff I’ve worked on for years. I’m improving, but anytime I have a stressful time, I go back to those.

It feels really shitty. You feel kind of helpless and almost like you’re drowning.

Been there?

I understand. Maybe for you it’s different behaviors- comfort foods, not sleeping, not taking care of you.

Whatever it is, it all stems from that same place—-> Confidence

How do you get your confidence back?


Results are like an automatic boost for you mind and your body. One way that many of our successful clients do this is through training.

May sound kind of weird, but training and feeling accomplished, like a bad ass, it gives you a boost. You feel that wall of confidence forming and it’s a kick start to other behaviors in your life.

Plus when you see your body start to change in a good way, that’s motivation too…

Want to get more confident, have real results that stick and actually have fun with it?

Join a group or program that cares about you, that allows you to surround yourself with likeminded people and in a place that gives you the support you need to get through any tough times. Obviously I would recommend Durbrow Performance for that 🙂

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