How to Get Committed

Last Thursday I met with 7 new ladies who were joining up on our 90 day challenge in
our Somerville location.

We were talking about why they were here, what they wanted to accomplish and basically
“why now.”

One of the women said she had been reading my emails for a while and she was really interested in joining. She joined on this particular challenge because it was longer.

“I needed something to make me commit”, she said.
I totally get that. 90 days is a nice chunk of time to really get some awesome results.

The reason I bring this up is because we often have our 30 Day Academy open for new
participants (coming soon, in fact). I want you to understand that the 30 day academy is NOT the only part of the program. Everyone wants something they can commit to over the long term and really make a big change in their life.

I get that and I’m totally excited when that happens.

I also get that it can be scary.
That’s why we do a 21 or 30 day academy for you. It’s a test drive. You and I will sit down
for a strategy session…during that session we go over your goals, we talk nutrition, we do
some measurements, we set your training schedule and we make you feel 100% comfortable.

Then you are ready to start the training academy.

21 or 30 days will get you a jump start on some really great habits and results, but it’s not the end.

If at the end of 30 days you LOVE the program (we’re pretty positive you will)….you can
join us for 6 months after that.

If you decide it’s not for you, that’s totally cool too.

It’s the marriage between finding a program you can stick to for the long haul and overcoming the scary new thing factor.

I get it.

You can check out an upcoming challenge we have, it just so happens to be 42 days.

42 days to kick start a new version of you…are you ready?

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