Don’t Eat Clean

Happy Monday!

It doesn’t really seem like Monday, I’m already messed up on the days and Christmas isn’t even here yet. I hope you had a great weekend.
Last night we went to an awesome dinner for my brother’s birthday. Steak, salad and green beans for me and I had a little piece of the appetizer and a few bites of dessert. It was the perfect amount to enjoy myself without falling off the wagon.
So you may have noticed the subject line of this email and wondered WTH?
Don’t eat clean?
What I want you to think about instead is eating simple. Eating clean can can take on a lot of meanings, depending on what school of thought you are coming from.
For some people eating clean means as long as it fits into their calorie and macro requirements. For some people it’s Paleo. For some it’s the Warrior Diet or Intermittent Fasting.
I could go on.
I could confuse you.
That’s why I want you to think “simple” instead of “clean.”
If you think simple, clean will follow very easily.
What’s simple?
Meat, eggs, veggies, fruit, healthy fats, water.
There ya go.
Have an awesome day and stay tuned tomorrow when I’ll show you how you can enjoy the holiday parties and not have to “enjoy” buying a new (bigger) size in clothing….