Food (and how to improve your training results)

How is your nutrition?

You may have noticed the subject line of this email was simple. Food.
That’s the way it should be….really super simple.
Here’s a great message that I shared on Facebook from a fitness friend of mine. She pretty much hit the nail on the head….
Here’s how I like to keep nutrition simple:

  • I eat 4 meals each day
  • If I train, I have a post workout shake which means I eat 5x
  • I drink 80-90 ounces of water
  • I eat vegetables with every meal
  • I eat protein and healthy fat in addition to those vegetables
  • I don’t freak out and feel guilty if I have a glass of wine or ice cream once or twice a week
It takes time to establish what works for you but the ultimate goal is a lifestyle. It’s not a diet because diets suck.
It’s something that you can do every day and if you aren’t exactly on point, you’ll still get amazing results.
On Saturday the 21st I’ll be hosting a free nutrition seminar where I’ll break down exactly how to create the lifestyle, how to curb your cravings (it’s possible, I know because I did it) and how to eat to enjoy and not feel deprived.
If you haven’t registered for the event yet, you can do so by clicking here
If you’re not on Facebook and want to RSVP Yes, just email me back. The workshop will be from 9:30 to 10:30 at Durbrow Performance.