Try This

Last Saturday we held a nutrition seminar at the gym and I was speaking about how it’s important to create a nice flow with your nutrition.
You want to control what you can control.
This is the lifestyle that you want to create and it shouldn’t add stress to your life.
How the hell do you do that during the holidays?
Parties, goodies, family members annoying you and driving you to eat?
STOP right there.
Think about all of those things. They are external factors and you can’t control what they are, or what other people do, but you can control how you handle them and how you interact.
Do you HAVE to pig out on the box of cookies at the office that aren’t even that good?
On the flip side though, do you want to enjoy a nice Christmas Eve dinner with family and friends?
Hell yeah.
That’s what I’m going to do tonight and that’s how I did it the other night when we went out for my brother’s birthday.
Even if you stick to the steak and veggie route, you probably will go pretty high in calories because you’ll likely have a glass of wine and maybe a few appetizers.
Totally cool.
Here’s what you do. I use a simple technique that I stole from the Warrior Diet.
All you need to do is eat really light during the day, just graze on a few things. What I do is start my day with a shake and then about mid-day I have two hard boiled eggs and a handful of pecans.
Then in the evening when I go to the party I enjoy myself.
If I indulge a bit more, it’s okay because I’ve created a nice flow in the daily calorie intake.
I’m not saying this is license to pig out every single night but this strategy works really well a few times per week.
I also recommend getting a good training session in the day after you consume a heavier meal as well.
Happy Christmas Eve and have an amazing holiday with your family and friends!