August Client of the Month: Gina Sultan

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Congratulations to our Client of the Month in Somerville: Gina!

1. What is your hometown? Troy, Michigan (but I’ve been in the Cambridge/Somerville/Boston most of my adult life!)
2. What brought you to DPT? Nicole Werther had been doing DPT for a couple of years and loved it. She thought I would like it too and encouraged me to give it a try. I had been going to Healthworks but felt like I was in a bit of a rut and needed to shake things up. I immediately loved the supportive community atmosphere, accountability, and holistic approach to fitness and wellness overall.
3. How long have you been with us? A little over a year (joined June last year)
4. What do you do in the real world? I’m a speech and language pathologist in the early intervention field. I work with kiddos under 3 and their families. I live in Somerville and am getting married in a couple weeks!
5. Fun fact about me – I used to take Irish Dance lessons when I was a kid (fun fact #2: I am not Irish.)
6. Favorite exercise – Hex bar deadlift (I miss it). I love feeling strong and powerful lifting heavy weights
7. Biggest gym achievement so far – 200 lb hex bar deadlift (Erin you may want to check the actual number, I think it’s still on the board haha)
8. What inspires and motivates me – feeling fit and strong, always motivated by little improvements and beating a personal record (whether it’s lifting heavier weights or being able to run a little longer).
9. What would you say to someone who is thinking about joining or who has just joined DPT? Do it! Working out has never been more fun. Just show up, don’t think too hard, keep showing up, and the rest falls into place 🙂