Are You Playing Peek-A-Boo?

You’re probably thinking, this chick has really lost it…

Why am I talking about peek-a-boo?

(no I haven’t been spending too much time with my 1 year old god-daughter)

Because we all do it

With fitness, business, life, ANYTHING…

Just because you cover your eyes (and maybe peek a little),

it doesn’t make the problem go away

We all have something that we “kid” ourselves and pretend it’s not there.

We peek a little, then quickly cover our eyes again

(and yep, you’re right, smarty….it’s STILL there)

I used to do that with my own fitness.

I’ve written pretty publicly that last summer SUCKED. I was in a weird place, kinda depressed…

and just letting other people dictate my life.

Needless to say, I wasn’t putting a lot of good, focused effort into my workouts and nutrition.

(remember, you don’t have to beast mode every day)

BUT you do need to put in some work.

Anyway, I digress on that…

I was playing peek-a-boo. I “kinda” knew I wasn’t doing great but I would just cover my eyes (metaphorically) and not think about it.

After I got my shit together mentally, I had had enough.

In October I hit up my go-to trainer (he lives in Santa Monica) and had him create all my monthly workouts and nutrition.

I needed to be accountable….

I needed to take those “before” pictures and show him…

I needed to send him my weekly food logs.

Guess what? It changed the game for me. I was accountable to SOMEONE ELSE.

YOU need to uncover your eyes. And not just for a second….really open them.

Are you tip toeing around what’s really happening?

Maybe your workouts are on point but you can’t get a handle on your nutrition….

Are you missing workouts? Time to put them in the calendar, just like any other appointment and COMMIT to getting there.

The DP family is here to help you with any area, from A to Z. Dozens of clients are stepping up- joining Nutrition 1.0, Nutrition 2.0 The YOU Project, adding hurricane conditioning to their training schedules, committing to getting measured every 4 weeks.

What’s there when you take your hands off your eyes?