Will I Be the Fattest One There?

You’ve heard that one before am sure…

You might have even said it yourself (or thought it)

Man, the amount of times I had to answer that question from terrified members of the public who were looking to get in shape was pretty insane.

People ask me that before they come to the gym ALL the time.

(or things like it….will I be the most out of shape? will everyone look at me?)

After what was roughly the 54,789th time..



I decided to answer it in an email….

This is pretty much how it goes down with the DP family.


No judgement, no “will I be the most out of shape person there.”


Because we’ve all been there.


In fact when you come in for your first workout, you’ll get to meet every single person and learn a fun fact about them (they all think it’s funny when I do that)


No strangers. All family.