They Were Standing on Their Heads

A couple of days ago I was teaching our Saturday sessions at the gym.

I usually don’t train clients on Saturdays unless it’s a charity workout (we do those every month).

So we’re going through the workout….I was setting the plan for the day.

Most of the exercises were body weight movements and I explained to clients that their goal for the day was simple…

Get out of your comfort zone

Just a little bit

If you usually do the exercise on Version 1, why not try a *little* tougher and go for version 2

We’re all conditioned to do that….the thing that’s comfortable and not so scary

Handstand Push Ups were on the menu for Saturday.

We have a ton of clients that can bang them out no problem

There’s two versions of this that we use- Level 1 and Level 2

Level 1 is to put your feet on the wall and do more of a decline push up

Then Level 2 is to flip up so your feet are against the wall but you’re in a hand stand

It’s not easy

A lot of people are nervous about it

Here’s the thing, I’ve got a few tricks to bridge the gap (this is what I told them)

I’ve always got tricks up my sleeve, yo

I won’t go into the specifics of it, but basically there are three things you need to focus on (hand position, kicking the legs up and committing)

Then you practice just getting your feet off the ground

Just a few reps

If you get up there, don’t even worry about DOING a push up

Just sit up there and hold it

Then you progress to actual push up movement

You don’t jump ALL the way from Level 1 to Level 2

There are steps in between….those steps are scary.

Just like in life (or in losing weight).

Take one step at a time and basically you need to tell your brain to shut the hell up


>>>>Because everything we conjur up in our mind is WAY worse than reality

My clients that were frightened of the hand stand push up….

I would say 5 people got all the way up the wall that day

Just by following REALLY small steps, trusting themselves and getting out of that comfort zone

Hand stand push ups as a metaphor for life…

Hell yeah.

We’ll help you get out of your comfort zone in a super non-scary way if you wanna finally change your life and lose some weight, get confident and just stop feeling like total shit every day….

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