Are You Really Committed to Success?



Are you really committed to your success?

Do you understand what you want to accomplish with your fitness goals?

So many people go through their lives blindly just “working out” and not knowing what they want to accomplish. What do you want your body to look like? What body fat percentage do you want to achieve?

Are you just a slave to the scale and never really understanding how to change your body’s composition?

The first step in getting committed to your own success is to understand your goals. You need to realize what you want your body to look like and you need to throw out the scale. Seriously. That thing sucks and the only reason we use that at our training studio is to calculate each person’s body fat percentage.

If you’re just working out without a goal in mind or without a real dream of what you want to look like, you will probably get pretty unmotivated, pretty fast.

You’ll also never achieve any great success because you don’t know what success is and you’ll be one of those people that comes to believe that your body just can’t change.

I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong. But you have to put in some work first.

At our studio we measure every client and get their exact body inches, we test their body fat percentage and measure those every 6 weeks, giving constant feedback on where they should be and we also snap photos every few months so they can see actual physical changes that they may not notice otherwise. (You know that you are your own worst critic and you never see the great changes that others see)

So that lays the foundation for them. Every training session they are striving to hit little milestones. Pushing heavier weight, using the heavier kettlebell for their swings, doing more push ups on their toes, using a lighter band for assisted chin ups.

It all adds up to feeling proud and successful.

Once you lay the foundation and find a program that supports what you want to achieve (and maybe even helps you figure out what you want) then you can start digging a little deeper.

Here’s where we have to dig through some bullshit. Everyone has it.

I want you to take some time and write out this letter. Complete the entire exercise and really be honest with yourself. Often times it’s not any big problem that’s holding you back from being successful, it’s just small things that add up and eventually lead to some serious self-sabotage.

Take 30 minutes and seriously answer these questions. Write or type them out, don’t just think about it.

1. Why have I failed in the past when it comes to fat loss?

2. What kind of goals have I created for myself in the past?

3. Were all of my previous goals centered around losing “weight”?

4. Have I ever been held accountable for fat loss and inches instead of just the weight on the scale?

5. What do I see when I look in the mirror?

6. How do I really define myself? (is this defined as your family role, your job or something deeper?)

7. What are the things that I self-sabotage? (do I let others get in the way of my goals, do I give up too soon?)

8. How does that self-sabotage or giving up stage make me feel after it happens?

9. What do I really want my body to look and feel like? (leave weight out of the equation here)

10. How can I create the ideal environment for my success?


Some of these questions are going to be long and detailed but that’s the point. Dig into this. Peel an onion layer away each time you answer the questions and if you feel a little bit uncomfortable, that’s okay.

No one has to read this but what you want to do is go back after 1-2 months and see if your attitude and outlook has changed. If it has then set some new goals. If it hasn’t, then you need to take a hard look at what is holding you back.

So many of our training members have broken through the B.S. phase and are now realizing exactly what they can accomplish and that their bodies and minds are stronger than they ever imagined.

Here are just a few of their success stories…..

How Jane lost 10% body fat and even pushes cars

Amber lost 30″ and discovered a new support system and family

Caitlin lost 9 pounds of fat and became mentally stronger

See how Lindsay lost over 20 inches while only losing 3 pounds (why the scale is useless!)

Sam Beard reshaped her outlook on nutrition and life and lost over 25 pounds of fat

Sam Lambert lost 3 clothing sizes and regained her confidence

If you’re tired of working through the B.S. on your own and if you need help laying the foundation then just click here for a 60 minute consultation with Callie.

Leave me a comment about what has been your biggest success in the last 2 months. I’d love to hear it!