Cambridge Personal Training Client of the Month: Frank Pellegrini



I’m so happy to announce our Client of the Month for January 2012. 

Frank has been a member of Durbrow Performance since last fall and he’s always been one of our hardest working members.

Frank came in every day, worked hard and stayed pretty quiet.

Over time he started joking around and coming out of his shell. The first time we knew he was really funny was when he walked by Jennifer and pushed one of the heavy kickboxing bags right into her as she walked by. (This was at our old studio). We still laugh about that story today.

Now Frank is one of our most consistent 6am members. He gets up early and then puts in a 10-12 hour day at his family business. During each workout Frank is pushing himself and pushing those around him to work harder.

Frank was seeing good results with adding muscle but it wasn’t until we really looked at his nutrition that he knew he had to make a change. He started writing down his food and that was pretty eye-opening. Now he’s super focused on not eating the foods they make at work (in the deli and bakery) and instead getting proteins, veggies and lots of eggs.

Frank has lost over 10 pounds of body fat and has become stronger, healthier and much happier. We love having him in our Durbrow Performance family. Congrats Frank!

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