Cambridge Training Spotlight Sunday: Olivia Dooley



Welcome back to another edition of our Spotlight Sunday. Today I wanted to feature one of our favorite morning members, Olivia Dooley. Olivia came into our program in pretty incredible shape already. She had a low body fat percentage and wasn’t looking to lose a lot of fat but just really tighten up and challenge her body in some new ways.  Over the past 7 months Olivia has dropped her body fat by 5% which is incredible since she has pretty much maintained her initial body weight. Basically she lost only fat while getting some great lean muscle along the way….

I used to be obsessed with Groupon.  Specifically, exercise groupons.  I would bounce from one exercise deal to the next, from yoga to boot camp to gym deals.  However, like most Groupon buyers, I never really stuck with it.  Then, one day back in May 2011, I saw a Groupon for Durbrow Performance Training which actually changed everything–not only my groupon buying habits but my outlook on exercise.

I remember the first day with Callie.  I loved the stations and the variety and the intensity, something I had never really found before.  I was no longer stuck on a treadmill counting down the minutes, and I loved it.  That first week, I couldn’t walk up stairs without feeling sore.  I had thought I was a relatively active person but after a week with Callie I felt muscles that I didn’t even know existed.  Needless to say, I was hooked and I haven’t bought another exercise Groupon since.
I grew up playing sports in high school, hiking with friends, skiing in the winter and enjoying being active outside.  When I entered college my exercise routine consisted of going to the gym, and really only hitting the treadmill or elliptical.  I thought that the time on the machine was the best measure of success.  I had never touched a weight until I started training with Callie and Emily, and now I realize that I had it all wrong before.
 Endless cardio, though sometimes nice for a mental break, was not producing results.  Now, I love the kettlebell.  I love the variety it provides and the fulfillment I feel afterwards (that is, once I catch my breath).
 Emily and Callie have taught me that exercise can be challenging and fun, that it’s important to switch things up and most importantly how to get the most out of a workout. 🙂
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Since May I have lost over 5% of my body fat and about 11 inches. My body shape has changed a ton and I’ve become stronger and way more toned and tight.