The Best Protein Bar for Fat Loss



I was chatting with a couple of training clients the other day about protein bars. They were asking me which were the best ones to get, making sure there was adequate protein but not too much sugar.

For the first time in a while I actually had a good answer. See, most of the time you pick up a “protein” bar and it’s loaded with sugar and all kinds of weird ingredients. Yeah I know they advertise them as protein bars but typically the carbohydrate count is even higher than the protein.

For most people who are training hard and trying to lose fat, having too much sugar is a deal-breaking killer. If you are eating a seemingly healthy protein bar once a day but in reality you’re just loading your body up with another 30 grams of sugar, your results are not going to be ideal.


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Normally I want people to get their protein and other macronutrients from real food, I understand that you can’t always put together a protein packed snack or meal. If you can’t get your ideal food source then a protein bar is often a good choice.

If it’s a good protein bar.

A few months back I came across this company that makes the only low-carb protein bar out there today. Really. I’ve looked.

Here are the stats on most of their flavors:

Calories- 160
Fat- 5g
Carbs- 25g (17g of this is fiber and only 1g of sugar)
Protein- 20g

They have a handful of different flavors and once I came across this company I have literally been buying the bars by the box every month. I don’t eat them every day but probably 4 times per week.

My favorite flavors are chocolate peanut butter, apple pie and cinnamon roll. I pop them in the microwave for 10 seconds and it’s a nice little treat for my snack that’s not killing my nutrition plan.

I have no vested interest in this company other than I really like the product. I was so happy to find an actual low carb bar that now I’m all about it and I wanted to share it with you.

They also have really great customer service and you can get a lot of information right from their website.

If you want to check out the product, here’s the site…..