Cambridge Training Spotlight Sunday: Amie Breton



Welcome to another edition of Durbrow Performance Training’s Spotlight Sunday. Today we’re featuring Amie Breton. Amie joined our family over the summer and came into our program a little bit unsure and nervous. After a month or so of realizing that she CAN do it, Amie has become one of the hardest working and most supportive members of our team. Not only that, but she has dropped over 10 pounds in the last few months and is working hard on her nutrition. Congrats Amie!

I have always struggled with my weight yo-yo’ing, until I went to college and was fortunate enough to be a nice size six, that I did nothing to deserve. That is to say, I was skinny, but not healthy.
I smoked, drank and ate horribly. Then in 2001, I was diagnosed with epilepsy.
The seizures I have are small, they are called absence seizures and last for 10 seconds or under, you wouldn’t even know I am having them. The problem? Sometimes I have them multiple times a day and one of the only medications that controls them makes me gain massive amounts of weight.
The most recent time I gained 30 pounds in 8 weeks. My neurologist and I decided that the weight gain and the risks was a side effect that was just not worth it as it could lead to other health issues. The meds also made me incredibly tired and I had no energy.
Having tried this medicine in the past, I figured that the weight would come off once I stopped taking it. That was the way it always worked in the past. To my genuine surprise, it didn’t happen this time. Given now, I was in my 30’s, had a baby a year before, but still, that scale wasn’t budging and only 1 pair of pants fit me. I was miserable and embarrassed.
I wasnt used to carrying around this extra weight or being tired all the time. I had played sports in high school, was pretty sure my dad had a baseball glove on me moments after I came out of the womb and had run the Falmouth Road race the year I was pregnant with my daugher.
When my friend Jill suggested this bootcamp to me, I was reluctant because I hadn’t tried it and my self esteem was in the gutter. It was a lot of work, but I was so proud of myself that I was taking control of the situation and Callie has been so helpful in giving me advice on nutrition and how the meds could have affected my metabolism. And you know what? She was right.
I just put on a pair of jeans the other day and actually gave myself the thumbs up sign. I know that sounds corny, but I deserve it after all of that hard work!
And Emily is just the greatest trainer ever, she remembers when I have struggled with certain exercises and notices when I improve. Best of all? She notices and holds me accountable (in a nice way of course) if I am not at a workout. We hugged after I hadnt been there for 2 weeks. I ask, what other trainer hugs you?
I am lucky to have such an amazing family and support network. I have a beautiful daughter, Maggie (2 years old) who is my life. She is really a miracle and is the best part of my day every day. When I started exercising, I really hated taking time away from her and now she realizes when I get dressed in my sweats I am “going to the gym with Jilly.”
I realize I am not only doing something good for me, but setting healthy examples for her at a young age. My husband Mike is amazing, he has been my number one cheerleader and has always encouraged me to put my health first. That means when I want to workout, he works his gym schedule around mine. He wrote on my birthday card how proud he was that I was keeping up with bootcamp.
My mom is also an amazing source of support, she is far away in Florida and she still knows when my workouts are, what I am trying new in nutrition and what my trainers names are. My mom is in amazing shape and has always worked out. She is a great listener and a wonderful work out role model. We trade tips!
Since I started in July I have lost over 6% body fat. My mom was so proud after my last weigh in when I sent them to her that she keeps talking about them! I did hit the 29% body fat zone, which was huge.
I was SO embarrassed and unmotivated when I first walked into Durbrow Performance. I would only wear large sweatpants and t-shirts (mainly b/c that was all that would fit me.)
I had never done a “Bootcamp” and was in fear of people yelling at me. It could not have been more different. Emily and Callie and all of the people who become your gym family are so supportive, pushing you to work to your potential, but are encouraging, never yelling, always telling you how awesome you are doing.
I am so proud I have stuck with this. I feel more fit and healthy. I wear tank tops, I fit into old jeans, and I just recently dropped another pant size!
I am stronger over all. I used to have trouble doing kettle bell dead lifts to the point I would skip them and showed that exercise who was boss during my session last Thursday!
When I first filled out the form about exercise background and came to the question about how motivated I was to lose weight, I put 2, meaning not very motivated, now, I am definitley a 5!!!!
My favorite exercises are pull ups, anything involving the boxes you jump on, currently the one legged box squats and believe it or not push ups. Oh and of course the ropes and Prowler!!!!
I consider my workouts to be a priority and for sure live by the mantra you can’t out train a bad diet. For the first 4 months or so of training, I was eating the exact same, chips with my sandwich, bagel sandwiches from Dunkin Donuts, fries with sandwiches, unmeasured sugar in my coffee and anything my daughter didn’t finish off of her plate.
Nevermore. Once Callie told me about carb cycling I could not beleive how easy it was to follow. I instantly dropped 4 pounds and 10 inches at my next weigh in, and if I give myself too many cheat days in a row, not only do I feel guilty, my body physically feels worse, I notice I am sluggish and tired. I dont use sugar in my coffee except for the weekends and drink a low carb protein shake every morning for breakfast. I also try to eat on a timed schedule now.
I can’t say enough about Durbrow Performance and my training family!