Durbrow Performance Spotlight Sunday: Kristine Sand

We’re back with another edition of our Training Spotlight Sunday. I’m really excited about this one because this lady has been an inspiration to all of us at Durbrow Performance. She came in a little nervous, unsure about the results and totally bored out of her mind with her current workouts. She took a big leap and since then has continued to take leaps and bounds every single workout. Check out Kristine’s story and show her some love by giving this post a “Share” on Facebook.


Kristine’s Story:

I was an active kid growing up, but never had a real exercise regimen. As an adult I no longer played team sports and it became harder to incorporate exercise into my daily life. For most of my 20s my go-to workout was the elliptical, where I’d watch TV and read a magazine, all in an effort to just get through 30 minutes even though I was bored out of my mind.

Before I joined Durbrow Performance Training in January 2012, I had gained some weight over the summer and couldn’t get motivated to lose it or change my eating habits.  I was that annoying person eating crap with a glass of wine and complaining about how my pants didn’t fit.  Lucky for me, Sarah Nichols was the one listening to me complain and suggested I join DPT for an upcoming contest.  I had witnessed her amazing results so it was an easy yes. What did I have to lose?

Lots of fat is the answer. I am the poster child for why you need to throw out your scale.  My scale weight has pretty much remained constant; I’ve lost 17 pounds of fat which was replaced with muscle. I’ve lost several inches and learned that body shape and the scale number are very different.

It’s hard to find the words to describe how integral DPT has become to my life, and how much love I have for the trainers.  I spend most of my time with Emily, but Emily, Callie and Caitlin all invest in your life, not just your time at the gym—and I’ve had a total lifestyle change as a result. The nutrition tips, blogs and group forum keep me engaged, even in my off days. Knowing there are other people so focused on being the best versions of themselves is encouraging. It makes it easier to stay focused, to not order a drink even though all your friends are, etc. Being part of DPT has given me the confidence to try new workouts and keep activity as part of my daily life.

The entire DPT family gets me out of bed for the early morning workouts; my favorite exercise is the tire strikes. It’s exhilarating to feel so powerful! My least favorite exercise is pushups, but because I know I can get better at them I’ve made it my end-of-year goal to focus on quality, full-range pushups.

In January 2012, I said “yes” to a four-week contest; at the end of the contest I said “yes” to another six months but was still nervous if I could or would stick with it. I always had a tendency to get bored then get lazy, but in a few months I’ll have been a client for TWO YEARS. The time has flown by but I’ve loved every sweaty minute of it.



Here’s Kristine before, in 2011…..






Here’s Kristine after, in October of 2013….