Jay’s Training Progress from Week 2

Jay has been absolutely crushing the training program and finished up his second week.

Here’s what was happening before he started training….

My Friend Jay Starts Training with Me

If you missed Jay’s Week 1 story check it out here….

Jay’s Strength Training Progress after Week 1 

Jay lost 10 pounds after his first week and then dropped another 5 in week 2. Pretty awesome.

Here was Jay’s first weigh in….

Jay week 1 weight



Here was Jay’s Week 2 Weigh In….

Jay week 2 weight



Jay felt like he was plateauing just a little bit. Here what he had to say….


The plateau is totally normal and common especially with such a huge drop in weight loss. With Jay’s workouts we’re doing four week training cycles so next week he’ll get brand new workouts to start stimulating his body a big more and avoid a plateau.

As far as nutrition, when a plateau occurs it’s often due to a significant drop in calories. With Jay we really focused on a low carb plan for the first 3 weeks. This was designed to get his body primed to burn fat and boost up his metabolism.

The thing about low carb is that it works, but not forever.

After a bit of time if you don’t introduce carbs in your post-workout nutrition your body can hit that plateau and your metabolism isn’t going to crank up like we want to see. I always recommend some post-workout nutrition including carbs and protein and then adding a bit more carbs on the days you train.

For Jay’s upcoming nutrition plan we’ll also add some calories to support his new muscle gain. Muscle is a much more active tissue than fat and requires more energy. When you’re trying to lose fat, it’s a fine line of not creating a surplus of calories but also not starving yourself. It’s important to add 200-300 calories a week initially if you feel you’re hitting a plateau.

In the next blog post we’ll check on Jay’s progress after a week of new training sessions and some ramped up nutrition.

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