Top Seven Ways to Avoid Cardio and Get Lean

Cardio is lame. If you want to get kinda soft, waste a ton of time at the gym and be bored out of your mind then it’s awesome.

Otherwise, lame.

I’ve written about this before…..

—>Burn Fat Faster, Move Faster

—>Cambridge Training versus Steady State Cardio….Who Wins?

So, I’ve made my point and today I want to give you the top seven ways to avoid cardio and get lean (and bad ass).

#1 Way to Avoid Cardio- Battling Ropes


#2 Way to Avoid Cardio- Agility Ladder


#3 Way to Avoid Cardio- Barbell Complexes


#4 Way to Avoid Cardio- Slide Board Conditioning


#5 Way to Avoid Cardio- Sprint Training


#6 Way to Avoid Cardio- Prowler Sprint Training


#7 Way to Avoid Cardio- Kettlebell Complexes


The best way to set up your training week is to hit the weights hard and heavy for 3 days and then get 2 days of a mix of the above training styles. For example you could do 3 days of weight training and then hit some Prowler sprints on day 4 and some slide board and battling ropes circuits on day 5.

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