My Love Letter to Fitness

My love letter to fitness.

Besides my parents and my brother, you’ve known me the longest. You’ve been with me since before I can remember, in one form or another. It started out with bikes around the neighborhood with my cousins, then it was karate and soccer in the front yard. We had basketball in the basement, pretending to be the Celtics.

Soccer camp, my first overnight camp at UVM where I was scared to death. Middle school basketball where I was the tiny little 6th grader with high school coaches asking me “where I was going to high school.” (My town didn’t have a high school so I could choose).

You were there at every karate tournament when I won trophies that were almost as tall as me. You were there when Dad was making me practice “just one good move” with the soccer ball in the front yard. It’s all you need, you know. Once you perfect that one move you’re set.

You were with me every step of the way when I was doing sprints up the hill in the back land near our house. Dad wanted me to do that too. Even though I thought I hated it, I knew it was right.

On my first day of high school when I was the new kid trying out for soccer and absolutely scared out of my mind,  you were right there. You helped me with those shuttle runs where I beat out everyone and then the “cool kids” started to talk to me because I was good at soccer and super fast.

It was you when I was trying out for basketball as a freshman and made the varsity team. They said I was ready and I know it was thanks to you. Quickness drills, push ups, squats and sprints in the off-season. I didn’t really know it would pay off but looking back now, it did. Thank you.

You stuck by me all through high school when I was still painfully shy and without you and sports I would have been a total geek.

College. Man that was fun. You were there too. I kept playing soccer and basketball thanks to you and I learned what it really meant to be a part of a team so tightly bonded that it still gives me chills thinking about it today. You helped me make some of my best friends and you taught me that it’s all about putting your nose to the grindstone and straight up working.

You were there when I broke my leg during a soccer game in 1999. I thought you left me for a while and I was depressed. I couldn’t have you and I was in a cast for almost 6 months. It was torture. I lost everything you gave me during that time- speed, quickness and muscle.

I wasn’t giving up on you though. I worked my way back to you with physical therapy, swimming and biking until I could run again. It was only for 1/4 of a mile and I almost died but you were back and I wasn’t letting you go again.

Now look at us. You’re my lifeline. You have given me the greatest gift I could ever ask for. You’ve given me my ultimate lifestyle and you’ve made me happier than I ever imagined because I’m doing things by my rules and making other people happy and healthy.

You’ve been by my side when I’m a little bit moody or I feel like punching someone in the face. You’re there when everyone else is annoying or when I’m annoying myself. You always make it better.

All I need is just a few minutes of you. Once I get going in my own workout or in training a group with you right there, I’m the happiest person in the world. You have helped me surround myself with some of the most amazing people. Because of you I get to help them transform their bodies and their lives. Who could ask for anything more?

I don’t have any bad feelings toward you like most people. I’m weird like that. I’ve always been obsessed with you. You don’t bore me, you don’t waste my time, there are very few things I’d rather be doing. There was never a time that you weren’t in my life and I thank you for that.

You allowed me to meet my best friend. I never had a sister and now I do, because of you. You helped me connect with my dad. You’re what we do. You allowed me to be good at something for 25 years of my life. You gave my parents years of great games to watch. They really loved that. You got me out of my shell when I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. You have transformed a shy and self-conscious kid who didn’t have a clue except she knew she was good when it came to you.

Thank you, fitness. You’re everything to me. You’ve made my life completely incredible and when I look back, you’re there in every memory. I hope I can make you proud.