Cambridge Personal Training Client of the Month: November 2011

Cambridge Personal Training Client of the Month: November 2011

A Cambridge personal training post by Callie Durbrow

Congratulations to our Durbrow Performance Training Client of the Month for November, Benie Baldeo.

Benie has been training with us since June and has quickly been one of the most consistent members of the 5pm training class.

Benie has been a great cheerleader and motivator for her fellow members and has enjoyed great success herself. When I first met Benie in June she was very quiet and seemed a bit nervous (which is to be expected when someone first starts training). I didn’t see her for a few months because she trains in Emily’s group but one night I came in to teach that class and it was like a whole new person! She was engaging with all of her fellow members, chatting, joking and her confidence was incredible. She was dominating every exercise and holding her posture up high.

In the last few months Benie has lost close to 5% body fat, not a small feat on an already slender frame like herself. She has recommitted herself to a healthier diet and improving her workouts outside the training at our studio. That’s the sign of a dedicated person, never satisfied with just some results.

Benie is also a positive influence for those around her, she has recently encouraged her sister to join our program.

Way to go Benie!

Benie Client of Month 1


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