The Lazy Trainer’s Guide to Fast Fat Loss

A Cambridge personal trainer workout post by Callie Durbrow

The Lazy Trainer’s Guide to Fast Fat Loss

I’m kinda lazy.

Not in the sense that I don’t want to work out. I actually love that. Yeah I know I’m weird.

But I am definitely lazy when it comes to wasting a lot of time. I’m always looking for ways to train faster, more efficiently and get faster results during that time.

My personal workouts are never more than 1 hour and that includes warm up and cool down stretching.

The other day I REALLY did not want to train. I finished up with my morning sessions and I was feeling pretty tired. It was the end of the week and I knew I had to train but I wasn’t feeling the workout that I had planned.

So I threw together a quick fat burning circuit using kettlebells, sandbags and the TRX. This sandbag shouldering movement made my abs super sore, BTW.

And I never did any crunches. See, lazy 🙂