How to Lose Fat in 4 Minutes at Cambridge Fitness Boot Camp

A Cambridge boot camp and fitness post by Callie Durbrow

Can You REALLY Lose Fat in 4 Minutes? 

At our boot camps, we do! Here’s how….

Every workout that our clients experience during the course of a week is going to be different. We always focus on a full body blast of strength, conditioning/cardio and core training.

This ensure that not only are you burning between 500 and 700 calories per boot camp workout, BUT you are raising your metabolism up SO HIGH that it stays at that rate for up to 36 hours post workout. That’s when the magic happens and you really lose fat and change the way your body looks.

One really cool workout that we implement every so often is the Tabata style of fitness. This is a 4 minute bout of work that is absolutely going to smash calories and get your metabolism going crazy. The reason for this is that you are resting only half the time that you are working. Here’s how it goes….

You select an exercise and perform it for 20 seconds, then rest 10 seconds and repeat that sequence for 8 rounds which equals 4 minutes. It seems kinda crazy and you may be thinking, “how can I do one exercise for 4 minutes?!?”

Well, trust me, you can. What we typically do in a boot camp class that we use Tabatas is that we’ll have 4 or 5 exercises so the entire workout takes less than 30 minutes. This is an awesome way to change up your routine and get your body out of it’s rut.

Now, this is a pretty advanced protocol and in our boot camps we can modify the exercises and monitor everyone so if you are just starting out I would recommend going with some pretty simple and basic body weight exercises like this (NOTE: this does not mean easy :):

Body Weight Squats- complete 1 round of Tabatas

Rest 1 minutes

Push Ups (modified on knees if needed)- complete 1 round of Tabatas

Rest 1 minute

Body Weight Reverse Lunge -complete 1 round of Tabatas

Rest 1 minute

Plank Hold- complete 1 round of Tabatas


Here’s a cool workout we did at boot camp a few weeks back….clients were really killing it with some swings, squats, battle ropes, band rows and some Valslide Abs. As I mentioned, we ramp people up into this and get them ready because it’s super advanced but super effective.

In fact, I did a Tabata workout yesterday and I simply did 3 exercises- battle ropes, kettlebell snatches and a sandbag high pull. They are all really demanding movements and by the end I was TOTALLY done. You know that feeling when you have such a great workout that you still feel energized but you have to lay on the floor for a few minutes after you finish? That was me yesterday, good thing no one was around to take pictures of that….

Check out the video and leave me a comment if you have ever done Tabatas and what you think!

If you have never done Tabatas, or any kind of group boot camp workout then this is the best chance for you….grab our FREE 1 Week Trial (the link is right in the video, just go to that site) and we’ll get you all dialed in for a free week where you can try out our best fat blasting boot camp workout tactics and see if it’s right for you. 

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