Cambridge Personal Training Prowler Workout

A fast fat loss workout with the Prowler

By Cambridge Personal Training expert Callie Durbrow

What’s up….Callie Durbrow back here again for Ultimate Athletic Fitness and Durbrow Performance Training. This weekend is the 4th of July and we’ve been in our new studio for a little over a month. I was just reflecting on how quickly time passes and how many great things I have been blessed with over the last few years.

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Here we are, halfway through 2011….have you accomplished the things that you wanted to yet this year? I know you set some New Years resolutions which I’ll be totally honest with you, I think those are total crap. You should be setting goals through the entire year and once you reach those milestones, reward yourself. Life is about enjoying the ride and navigating through the bumps along the way.

I was recently reading a book about mindset and lifestyle design and they were speaking about how a torpedo navigates to it’s course. It doesn’t think about and track all of the mistakes it could make, it just goes along the course and adapts to any mishap along the way. So it becomes a series of zig-zags before eventually reaching it’s destination. That’s exactly how your life journey should go. Are you going to lose all that belly fat in a week or a month? No way. Is it going to be hard work? Hell yeah. Are you going to be able to predict every little thing that comes along your path to throw you off course? Nope. Just gotta roll with it.

I believe that eating healthy, working out hard and having a strong support system are crucial for developing a healthy body and one that you can be proud of. The one thing that’s often missing is the right mindset. Just like anything in life, the body of your dreams is not going to fall into your lap.

One thing that I’ve learned over the last 2 years when I really began studying mindset and awareness is that you MUST visualize your life as though it’s already that way. You can’t sit around saying “I wish” or “I want”….you need to visualize in exact detail what you want your body to look like, how you want to feel, what people will compliment you on and how your meals and workouts might look when everything is lined up perfectly. Think about these things every day.

This is something that I do every day when it comes to my business and also my health and body. As I’m brushing my teeth in the morning and at night, I visualize my dream business, having all the clients that I love, working with great people, having free time to spend with friends and family or at the beach in the summer and having great people working for me.

In terms of my body and my health I visualize every single workout, every meal and think about exactly how I feel when I have an amazing workout or when I just feel strong and healthy.

That’s what pushes me every day. I think that if you don’t do things like that, you are just waking up every day in the same routine, waking up to get the day done and not following a dream. Maybe that’s a little hokey for some people but it’s worked for me and I know it’s worked for hundreds of other successful business people and also many of my good friends who have made amazing transformations in their bodies.

So, find a time during the day when you can visualize your perfect and ideal body and lifestyle. Do this 2-3 times per day and channel that energy into pursuing your dream and making it a reality. Make yourself stronger, healthier and happier one day at a time.

Here’s a quick video of some of my kick-ass clients absolutely dominating the Prowler. I love my Mac and all of the video features (most of which I barely know how to use) but check out this cool video….

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The Prowler is one of our favorite tools to burn fat fast, develop strong and toned legs and take care of any cardio workout faster than a boring old treadmill or bike.

Leave me a comment about how you visualize your ideal situation or if you are going to start now!

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