Cambridge Boot Camp Battle Ropes

A Cambridge boot camp post by Callie Durbrow

Boot Camp in Cambridge Battle Ropes

Battle ropes are a staple at our Cambridge boot camp program. The ropes are one of the best movements for fast fat loss and conditioning. Here are the top 5 reasons we love using the rope for amazing results:

1. Ropes are great for conditioning without tons of impact on the joints

2. Ropes use the entire body which translates to a higher caloric output and a boost in your metabolism. A metabolic boost over the long term leads to faster and more efficient fat loss.

3. Ropes are a fun way to finish a workout

4. Battle ropes can be used for power, strength, conditioning or just overall fat loss training

5. The ropes challenge your body to power through with a moderately heavy weight without the deceleration phase.

At our Cambridge boot camp we use the battle ropes during our fat loss circuits or as a finisher for ultimate conditioning.

Here’s a great video of how the ropes work in our boot camp:

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