How Bad Do YOU Want to Change?

A personal fitness post by Cambridge trainer Callie Durbrow

How Bad Do YOU Want It?

I never used to watch Oprah. I was never home at that time and up unti last year I lived in the dark ages and didn’t have Tivo. Now two things have changed- I’m rocking the Tivo like it’s my job and I’ve become kinda obsessed with Oprah. Not so much what she has on her shows but just the “idea” of Oprah….she’s created such an iconic following, it’s just so cool to watch.

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Anyway….I was watching one of the Tivo’d episodes today and it was Bob Greene, her trainer, and his new book about shedding twenty years off your life. He focuses on 4 major aspects- exercise, nutrition, sleep and skin care. I think the whole concept is really cool and I agree with most of what he was saying.

I’m not here to get into debates over training methods because that could go on all day. It was pretty cool to see some women that were obviously battling some serious stressors and demons break through and lose lots of weight and inches in just 2 months all while creating a great lifestyle change.

The thing that got under my skin was a little thing that Oprah asked Bob Greene. She said, “Should you start this program if you know that you can’t commit 100% or should you wait?” And Bob’s response was “You should wait until you can fully commit and really be ready for the results.”

I get that, you don’t want to go in half-assed and then be upset when you don’t get results. That’s the typical American workout style in this day in age anyway. But seriously, WAIT until you’re ready?

Let’s be totally honest. Who is ever going to be ready for intense exercise, a nutrition plan that forces you to cut out all that junky food you love to eat and a whole lot of uncomfortable behavior changes??

I am all for being in touch with your feelings and being in a good space and ready to accept change, but when it comes to making a lifestyle change you just need to put your freakin’ head down and DO IT. No one will ever be ready, and if we sit around waiting for the average American to be ready, let’s get ready for more rising health care costs, illness, obesity, sluggish behavior and a whole lot of laziness.

I’m not trying to be a jerk about this but when it comes to the health of individuals with a lot of life left to live, it’s time to get out of the comfort zone. Getting fit, losing fat and improving the quality of your life is not FUN. It’s not EASY but it’s SIMPLE….eat better, exercise the right way, get more sleep and value your body.


Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Just like in life, there is never a perfect time. If you’re not 100% ready, who cares. Do it anyway. Your body and your family will thank you.

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Leave me a comment if you saw this show and what you think….I love hearing your thoughts.