Cambridge Personal Training Fat Blasting Sprint Workout

A fat blasting sprint workout post by Cambridge Personal Training expert Callie Durbrow


How to Burn Fat Fast with Stadium Sprints


Hey, welcome back to Ultimate Athletic Fitness. I wanted to hook you up with a video that reveals one of the BEST ways to burn fat. The cool thing about this is that it only takes about 15 minutes to complete. Even though this is a short workout, it’s by no means an easy one.

With this short sprint workout you REALLY have to crank up the intensity. I recommend this workout to my clients as a great thing to do on their “off” days, meaning the days they are not with me training in the gym.

The reason this workout is so effective is because it’s super intense and you’re working every single muscle in your body. If you have the good fortune to make it over to Harvard Stadium to sprint these stairs, you will notice that they are HUGE. You can’t jog up these babies. The object here is to bound yourself up the stairs, using complete power and speed.

You may see a lot of people running the entire stadium but I find that to be very ineffective because by the time you get 1/4 or 1/2 way through, you are going to be so fatigued that you’ll be jogging and that defeats the purpose of this intense and short training session.

Instead, stay in one section of the stadium and focus on complete speed as you sprint up to the top. Then walk down for a brief recovery and as soon as you hit the bottom, go again. I recommend doing anywhere from 3-6 at a time and then resting for 2 minutes and repeating this sequence. If you do 3 sprints, try to do 3 rounds. If you get up to 6 sprints, stick to 2 rounds. Be sure to rest in between because as I mentioned, if you are too fatigued your sets won’t be intense enough.

Check out this video of me completing one round of the stairs. This was shot last summer, we haven’t had this nice weather yet….nor have I had a tan like that yet…. 🙂

[pro-player width=’530′ height=’253′ type=’video’][/pro-player]


Get over to Harvard and give this workout a try. Leave me a comment about how it went!