July Client of the Month: Lori Kjellander

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Congratulations to our Client of the Month in Manchester: Lori Kjellander!

1. I was born and raised in Belmont, NH up in the Lakes Region.
2. I originally saw an ad for DPT on Facebook but wimped out on applying for one of the programs. So I truly owe my joining to Sam B for convincing me to “just come try a class” and then to try the two week trial, and ultimately join!
3. I just passed my three month mark for training with DPT!
4. In the real world, I teach fifth grade in New Boston, play an absorbent amount of softball, and have an all black cat named Lincoln that I love! ?
5. Hmmmm, a fun fact about me would be that I can say all 50 states in alphabetical order in under 15 seconds! It impresses my students and hopefully you all haha
6. My favorite exercise would be anything centered around the tires. I absolutely feel like a bad ass when flipping Roxanne, but also really enjoy the stress release of sledgehammer strikes! (After yesterday’s class though, Emily may have turned me into a lover of the donkey kicks because it is a movement I can do well, and can push myself to do higher levels on- I like setting a quick goal like higher boxes, and actually being able to achieve it in the same night!) So I guess I totally just cheated on that question and gave you my three favorite things!
7. However silly it sounds, My biggest gym achievement so far has been not quitting. I have perfect attendance so far and am very proud of it as I have always been someone to start workouts or exercise routines, do them for a max of six weeks, and then quit sticking to it. This gym, and the people here, have sparked something in me, so I am proud that I’m still here!!
8. My inspiration and motivation come from the people around me. When other people encourage me, have confidence in me, and compliment me- I tend to start believing what they see and it makes me want to prove that I am what they think I am. Self motivation has always been tough for me, so I tend to look to others for support, and I definitely get that here!
9. I would tell new clients congratulations, because they have just taken the first step to really changing their life for the better. I’d say, make the time, push yourself to new limits, and be proud of the little things. Also, don’t be afraid or embarrassed to modify- we all do it! 🙂