Cambridge Training July Client of the Month: Kristine Sand





Cambridge Personal Training Client of the Month: Kristine Sand

July was an amazing month at Durbrow Performance Training, we were running a 29 day Transformation Contest and we had so many people just seriously crushing their training sessions and doing lots of extra work outside the gym as well. This was a month where we had a lot of people that could have easily gone home with the black t-shirt. This black t-shirt can only be held by the client of the month and it’s a pretty cool thing to have.

Every month it’s tough to decide because we have so many great clients but this month my job was even tougher because so many people were busting their asses. It’s not only about results in the gym, it’s about attitude and being a team player as well.

This month I’m excited to present our black t-shirt winner, Kristine Sand.

Kristine has been training with the Durbrow Performance family since January of 2012 when she joined us during our last transformation and team contest.

Kristine came into our facility in pretty good shape and she explained to me that she had done just about every type of exercise under the sun but she had never seen “real” results in terms of losing body fat, getting lean and feeling great. She wanted to give this a shot but I could tell she was kind of skeptical and that was okay.

Once Kristine got through a few training sessions, she was hooked. She has since then become a staple in the 6am training sessions, busting her ass for the entire hour but staying as calm and cool as you’ve ever seen anyone.

Kristine has one of the best attitudes I’ve ever seen in a client, she’s always willing to try just a little bit more, try a new exercise or push herself in her workouts outside the gym.

Since joining Durbrow Performance Kristine has lost over 10 pounds of body fat and 12 inches. I’m so excited for her new and improved physique.

Thanks for all of your hard work and for being a great part of our family Kristine, congrats again!

Kristine Client of Month