Cambridge Training Spotlight Sunday: Chet Murray



Welcome back to another edition of our Training Spotlight Sunday. This week I wanted to showcase a guy that has totally transformed his body in just 5 short months. Chet came to Durbrow Performance during a transformation team contest. He was recruited by his sister Rachel and as soon as I met with Chet to get his measurements done, I knew he was going to see awesome results. He had worked out in the past but it had been a while and he was ready to make a change. 

Chet is a  super easy-going guy but in the gym it’s a different story. Every session he’s busting his butt and giving 100% effort for the whole hour. That determination and focus has paid off as he has lost 15 pounds of scale weight, 17 pounds of fat and has dropped his body fat from 22% to 15%. Check out Chet’s story here….

I went Durbrow Performance on the recommendation of my sister who raved about the intense and challenging workouts, and the results she saw. I took her up on her offer, not knowing what to expect when I walked in, but have been hooked ever since!

Growing up I had an interest in sports, but was not very athletic as a kid. When I got to college at Northeastern, I became a gym fanatic. I lost approximately 50lbs! However, over time I gained the weight back. Over the past several years, I continued to lift weights, but seemed to get into a mundane routine, and plateaued.

Then, I attended Durbrow Performance this April. The workouts have been tough and very different than what I had experienced previously. So far, I’ve lost 17 pounds of fat and cut my body fat percentage by 7%.

I enjoy swinging the Cherry Bomb Kettlebell, and I love pushing Emily on the Prowler (will have to wait again until the baby is born). Burpees, box jumps, and ropes are fun too! I can’t wait to see what my next measurements show.

A big thank you to Callie and Emily for all they do. They do a great job of mixing up the workouts and challenging us every class. Also, I’ve improved my diet emphatically as a result of Callie’s nutrition tips.

Today, I’m fitter, have more energy, and happier! The Facebook contests, ongoing measurements, informative blog posts, and the other members motivate me to continue to exceed my fitness goals.

Attending Durbrow Performance has been a great experience and am thankful for my sister for recommending it to me!

Now Chet is taking on anyone and everyone in arm wrestling (I think it’s just to show off his biceps 🙂