Cambridge Fitness Spotlight Sunday: Erica Brackett



Durbrow Performance Training & Fitness Spotlight Sunday

Welcome back to another edition of our Training Spotlight Sunday. I wanted to share an awesome transformation story with you today. Erica has been a member of our family since April and in those few months she has completely changed her lifestyle and her body. Erica came in and she didn’t have a lot of weight to lose, but she knew that she needed to make a change to get her body looking more toned and muscular. There were a lot of exercises that I could tell she was always dreading, especially push-ups. 

Erica has since conquered the push up, now rocking multiple repetitions from her toes and she has totally reshaped her body, losing over 10 pounds of pure fat while adding some metabolism boosting muscle along the way. Check out her story here…..

Before I started training with Callie, I was lazy and in a happy long-term relationship with sugar.  I have never been a particularly active person though I have had short stints of attempts at fitness—bicycling, running, using my elliptical machine.  Nothing has ever stuck.  On top of it, I love food and had started to spend too much time in Boston’s North End where the ricotta-filled, chocolate-dipped cannolis always seemed to be calling my name.

A friend of mine joined with Callie a year ago and constantly talked about how great her workout routine had become.  Mentally, I was not ready to get off my couch and so I continued to hear about her progress while my pants got tighter.

Finally, after the winter slump, I decided that I needed a change.  My stress level at work was through the roof and I was partaking in way too many chocolate-frosted donuts that only made me feel better for about five minutes.   With a new contest starting up at Durbrow Performance Training, I signed up for 4 weeks in April.  I figured that it could not hurt to give it a try, but remained skeptical given my lack of physical strength and athleticism.

The first day that I arrived to work out, there were pushups on the board.    I thought, ‘Ugh, this will be my downfall.’  I told Callie I could not do a pushup to save my life.  She told me to give it a try, to which, I got down on the floor, made an attempt and fell flat on my face.  I laughed and she said not to worry that I would get there.

Flash forward a month later and for the first time in my life I was able to do a pushup from my toes.  Miracles can happen.   I became a believer and have joined the Durbrow Performance Training family.

Training with Callie and Emily has definitely changed my lifestyle.  This is not your typical workout class or gym training.  It is a community where everyone cheers each other on, laughs (or cries) through the toughest workouts and congratulates each other on our individual accomplishments.    Callie and Emily constantly push me to the next level whether it be throwing sandbags on my back during plank ups, chains on my neck for pushups, or pushing me up to the next heaviest kettlebell for swings.  Just when I think I can’t push my body to the next level, I get there.

I look forward to my workouts each week.   My favorite exercises are jump squats, plank rows, and anything with a kettlebell.  I especially enjoy pushing myself to my limits with the ropes and the Prowler.  I love how exhausted I am at the end of my workout, the burning and soreness that I feel in my muscles and the newfound energy I have every day.

Along with my new exercise routine, I have made significant changes to the way that I eat.  Callie is always encouraging nutritional changes that go hand in hand with working out to truly transform my body.  I have significantly cut back on sugar, processed foods and refined carbohydrates and now find myself constantly craving vegetables, protein and water.

My measurements speak for themselves.  In just over four months, I have lost eleven pounds of fat and fourteen and half inches while increasing my lean muscle mass.  I feel stronger than ever!

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