30 Day Cambridge Training Fat Loss Challenge: Day 3

A Cambridge personal training and Fat Loss post by Callie Durbrow

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What’s up?? Welcome to Day #3 of the 30 Day Cambridge Training Fat Loss Challenge….How are things going? I hope you’ve read through day 1 and watched the video for day 2 and really taken some time to work on your action steps. This is a process so don’t sell yourself short on that….

In the first post I talked to you very briefly about nutrition and to be totally honest with you, this is the hardest part of the entire fat loss challenge. The reason is that if you are in the gym with me or on your own, you have a structured training session that you’ll be completing for that hour. With nutrition it gets tough because you have 23 hours in the day to mess it up. Not trying to be rude or anything, but this is where most people go wrong.

You absolutely cannot out-train a bad nutrition plan. Everyone goes hand in hand and one of the most important things when it comes to nutrition is planning.

How many times do you go to the grocery store each week? Do you shop a couple of times a week for the essential stuff or do you go once per week, stock up on the food you’re going to cook and prepare for the week?

Most people go whenever they need stuff and guess what happens then….cravings OR you just say screw it and order take-out….

When it comes to food preparation you should…

1. Plan what you’re going to make, plan what you’re going to buy

2. Plan when you’re going to make it (take some time to do this on weekends and have it ready for the week)

3. Plan what time you’re going to eat it each day during the week

Yep, this is a lot of planning but once you get in the routine it’s pretty easy. Literally make your list each week and just follow this awesome grocery list for your staple items….

Hint, your nutrition plan should be made up of lean proteins (chicken, fish, beef), veggies, fruit, nuts and some whole grains. We’ll touch more on this later….

Ultimate Healthy Shopping List

Your action step for today is to use this grocery list and plan out some meals for the week. Even if you just start with breakfast, dinner and snacks then you’re in good shape. Bring snacks to work to avoid the dreaded vending machine or Starbucks run….

See you tomorrow for a really cool post on how to warm up your body and why this is actually very important in helping you lose fat. Yep that’s right, it’s not just a waste of time!

Leave a quick comment about how you plan out your weekly meals!

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