30 Day Cambridge Training Fat Loss Challenge: Day 2

A fat loss challenge post by Cambridge training expert Callie Durbrow

What is Your “WHY?”….

Hey hey, welcome back to Day #2 of our Cambridge personal training 30 Day Fat Loss Challenge….

Yesterday I gave you an overview of what we’ll be doing, what you want to focus your energy on and how I’m going to get you there step by step with no confusion.

Check out that post right here…. Cambridge Training Fat Loss Challenge Day #1

I know how it is when it comes to losing weight and fat. You don’t want to be stressed out about that. I get it. I’m here to reassure you that training for fat loss can be kinda fun. I know some of my clients may disagree with me on this when they’re in the middle of a grueling training session, but I think you could get them to agree that they feel pretty damn good after 🙂

Anyway, onward….

Today we’re going to talk about mindset. When you are trying to reach any goal, you have to have the right mindset and establish what your motivation is. This is no different when it comes to losing fat and not having to stress out when you go shopping for new clothes.

So, check out this quick video that I’ve posted for you where I reveal what my “WHY” is and the thing that keeps burning in my gut to get me to work out and train hard. In here I’ll also help you to work on revealing your WHY….

Question of the Day: What is your WHY? Leave a quick comment below and keep yourself accountable 🙂

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