30 Day Cambridge Training Fat Loss Challenge: Day 4

A 30 day fat loss challenge post by Cambridge training coach Callie Durbrow

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Hey welcome back to Cambridge fat loss challenge, here we are on day number four. Today’s post is all about how to prepare your body for training and exercise. I know what you’re thinking, this isn’t the most exciting topic and why do I even need to warm up and prepare?

Well, even though so many people skip their warm up and a lot of people may just do a few quick hamstring stretches and be on their way; I’m going to show you that those two methods are pretty much going to fail you.

In order to keep it super simple (as you know I like to do), the main reason that YOU are going to want to warm up properly is because a proper warm up helps improve the quality of your workout and training session and of course a better workout leads to better results.

So, if you have a crappy warm up you may find yourself a little more sluggish or even pull up with an injury. Most people aren’t sure what it feels like to be properly warmed up and so their workouts probably always feel the same. Those are the people that tell you they don’t really need to warm up or stretch.

Once you do it right, trust me, you won’t ever go back….

So check out my quick video below with 4 simple warm ups that you should be doing before each training session. This includes any cardio, strength workouts or anything that you do.

You’re trying to prime your muscles, joints and tendons for the work that you’re going to be doing. Never go into a workout cold or after performing just static (standing still) stretches. These are called dynamic warm up movements, so check it out….

Question of the day: How did you feel after trying this warm-up series? What is your warm-up usually like?

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