Cambridge Training Spotlight Sunday: Sam Beard




Welcome back to Durbrow Performance Training and our Spotlight Sunday. Today we’re featuring one of our hardest working members, Sam Beard. Sam joined our team just about a year ago. I remember we were closed the week of Christmas and she was calling and emailing me to sign up because she was so ready to make a change. She was so excited to start and the moment that I met her, I knew she was going to have great success. I’m pretty smart so obviously I was right…. 🙂

I started working out in middle school, and continued into high school where I played tennis and softball. I’ve always enjoyed working out, but haven’t always been very motivated to do so.  I got really lazy when I went to college.  The gym was two blocks away from my dorm (at the other end of a wind tunnel in Wisconsin!), but I hardly made it to that area of campus unless beer was involved to warm up the walk home.  Needless to say, it didn’t take long to gain the freshmen 15, then 30…and then some more.   At first,  I was actually convinced that the dorm dryers were shrinking my pants.  Eventually,  I gave in to reality.

A few years later I finally had enough.  I had enough extra weight on my body to increase my risk for heart disease (#1 killer of women in the U.S.) and diabetes.  I had enough information to know that I could change that fact, and I had a enough money to find someone to help me through the challenge.

I come from a family that loves to eat and knows nothing about portion control.  Luckily, I love to eat vegetables (in addition to mac n cheese), but I still struggle with portion control.

Getting my body fat percentage under control has always been my number one goal, next to getting my strength back.  Since I started drinking the Callie juice (working out with her) I’ve lost 22 pounds of PURE body fat. I recently hit a milestone when my body fat dropped out of the obese range and into the overweight range.

Moreover, I got my strength back.  In my younger years I was the household human jar opener.  Tennis and softball gave me a killer grip.  I lost it for a few years, but I’ve got it back 🙂

I want to sweat and feel the burn.  If that mission is accomplished without jumping or sprinting with the exception of the prowler, then I like it.  My favorite part of the workout is the foam roller before and after.

I’ve become more conscious of the choices I make each day and learned a lot about metabolism.   Eating has always been the hardest part of my journey to good health.   Being a part of Callie’s team has helped me become conscious of my eating habits and helped me to begin to face my demons.

I’m now an early riser.  I used to crawl out of bed in just enough time to rush to work.  I NEVER thought I could workout in the morning, and never imagined that I would even try. Working out before work has helped me manage the stress of my job by forcing me to stick to a schedule.  I think it’s really improved my overall well being!

Just a typical day, climbing a mountain….

Way to go Sam!