Cambridge Training Spotlight Sunday: Lindsay Ford




Welcome back to another edition of the Durbrow Performance Training Spotlight Sunday. This week we’re featuring one of our youngest and most motivated members, Lindsay Ford. Lindsay has been a member of our team since February and has made some really amazing changes in her body and her overall lifestyle. Check it out…..

I grew up in a family that was relatively healthy, and where we were encouraged to be active through sports and activities. As a child I played soccer and basketball and obtained a black belt in Tai Kwon Do. I was also a synchronized swimmer in high school. As much as I enjoyed all these activities, I never possessed the desire and skills needed to pursue them into college. So by the time college rolled around my fitness routine consisted of going to the gym, and once there usually doing some steady cardio and a few weights.

Throughout the next several years, that was it. I would get these bursts of motivation to go to the gym regularly, but inevitably I would get bored and stop. Conventional wisdom says that getting to the gym is the hardest part. Well for me, it wasn’t. My problem was consistency and the motivation to keep up a routine.

I even ran a half marathon last year, but the moment I crossed the finish line, I didn’t work out again for almost four months.


So, why did I have such a hard time keeping up a routine? Why did I always quit eventually, even after the accomplishment of a half marathon? The answer is pretty simple: boredom and lack of results.

I didn’t have the knowledge to maximize the effectiveness of each workout, and I didn’t really enjoy myself when working out. Even running (which was fun for the first couple of months) lost it’s appeal once the novelty of being able to run long distances wore off.

When I discovered Durbrow Performance Personal Training, I knew I had found what I had been missing for years. The focus on results and effective workout routines told me that this isn’t something I would get easily bored with. So I gave it a shot, and now here I am almost 7 months later, still as motivated as the day I walked in the door. Not once have I had the desire to quit.

 My favorite exercise right now is probably anything using a kettlebell, especially swings. Kettlebells are what I found most challenging when I first started training and I’m really proud of how far I’ve come in my ability to use them. Swinging and lifting these heavy weights makes me feel strong and powerful. I also love pushing the prowler, especially with someone sitting on it for extra weight!



Since I started training I’ve lost over 20 inches of fat on my body, and my body fat percentage has dropped by over 6 percentage points (that’s 10 pounds of fat). The results I’ve seen are extremely motivating and encouraging. But the thing that has really made the difference and allowed me to achieve these results in the first place is how much I love going to class.

I can’t wait for training days, and I can’t wait to get measured and check my progress. I’ve never missed a class that I haven’t subsequently made up as soon as possible. No two days are quite alike, so boredom is not an issue.

I have fun interacting with the people in my class and I love when we motivate and encourage each other. Fitness is now something I look forward to doing, not something I do because I think I should. I have Durbrow Performance Personal Training to thank for that.

Here’s a picture of me and my dad….