Why You’re Stuck (and the rainbow and unicorn cycle)

Do you ever read some “motivational Monday” posts and get all pumped up, thinking this is THE day…but by Thursday you just couldn’t care any less?

Until the next Monday

That’s THE day…right?

Motivation is cool, don’t get me wrong, but it’s kind of like a battery, it runs low and eventually runs out without proper charging.

Ever wonder why you just can’t keep up that motivation?

Thinking you’re kinda weird, lazy or different?

Why is it so easy for everyone else? (well,it’s not, they just show their highlight reel of “amazing” workouts and how much they love their life).

So my first point- don’t worry what everyone else is doing, because everyone has their own
little “bag of tricks” so to speak.

My second point is this….motivation does not last. It just doesn’t, and the more you fight that fact, the more disappointed you’ll be.

So what do you do?

You’ve heard me talk about your WHY before, so I’m not going into that today….what I want
to talk about instead is the Cycle of Change.

Wait, before you think about dozing off, trust me….

It’s simple, the cycle is this:

Stage 1- Find THE thing that’s going to make you change this time- a new diet, new workout, whatever. It’s all unicorns and rainbows and amazing-ness.

Stage 2- You get into it a little bit and you start to realize, this is kinda hard work and it kinda sucks. The excitement wears off a little.

Stage 3- That shiny unicorn you discovered in stage 1 is SO far gone, you are like F this
right now, I’m done.

Then you find the next shiny unicorn and repeat the cycle. Over and over. Sound familiar?

I get it. So how do you break it?



Surrounding yourself with people just like you so you don’t feel alone

People to keep you on track when you hit a speed bump (because you will)

If you’re a member of the DP family, you know how important that stuff is. If you are struggling to take it to the next level, set some real goals and actually achieve them then join us for our No B.S. Nutrition and Lifestyle Seminar on Saturday February 6th from 9-10:30am.

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