Stop Swinging for the Fences

No fear

Live with no regrets

Don’t play small

You’ve heard all this before and this is pretty much the stuff that’s running through my head on a daily basis.

See, I’ve got a lot of big projects coming up….some that frankly make me want to curl up
into my bed, pull the covers up and hide because they scare the absolute shit out of me.

But I’m doing them anyway….why?

Because I DON’T want to play small, because I know I can offer more to the world and because I know that I will regret not doing them because they align with my why and my purpose.

Wow….sounds pretty motivational huh?

I might want to punch me out if I read that too. Because it’s not so easy to “just do it.”

But here’s the deal, I have gotten totally clear on what I want. That’s the difference between just pushing through because you have all this amazing will power and motivation, and creating a path that you truly WANT to venture down.

Now it’s to the point where I just have to map out the game plan and swing for singles every day. No home runs, because that causes stress and anxiety (especially for me).

So let me ask you this, where can you swing for singles every day?

Is it in your exercise and fitness?

Here are some examples of just hitting
-get a workout in (even if it’s only 15 minutes)
-drink 3 big bottles of water
-take 5 minutes to clear your head in the morning or at night
-be mindful when you eat (aka slow down)

Those are singles my friend, make them as easy as possible. Home runs only come along
once in a while. Give yourself a big picture game plan and then each day hit a single.