Why Settle?

A friend of mine had a post on his Facebook page the other day…

“Mediocrity is the silent killer of all greatness.”

This struck me and I wanted to share it with you.

Why are we settling for the status quo?

Is it because it’s “easier?”

More comfortable?

I challenge you to seek the uncommon. Discover your greatness.

It’s easy to get fired up when you read something like that, but it’s hard to keep it going.

Yeah you get motivated for a few hours, maybe a day.

Then life comes back and you go back to that normal, comfortable, mediocre routine because it takes way too much effort to do otherwise.

We all do it.

How do you keep the success and anti-mediocrity?

Start by cutting out some bullshit from your life.

Is it certain people?

TV shows?

The news (major bullshit time waster)


Think of the things that suck your time.

It’s not going to be perfect but if you can step up and start controlling some of the things that dominate your time, you can fight against the mediocrity that so many people are slogging through life with.

You deserve more. Go get it.