What Next?

I  was chatting with a few clients at the gym over the past few days. They had just wrapped up an intensive 90 day nutrition coaching program and I wanted to see how they were feeling as the program was ending.
One overwhelming answer was that people were nervous. Nervous to step out into the treacherous territory of their own nutrition plan without the group and their coach. I totally get that.
Another answer I heard a few times was that people wanted to figure out “what to do next.”
My answer?
Do what you are doing. Don’t stray from the knowledge, foundations and simple strategies that you have learned. Just keep doing what you’re doing.
So why do people want to find the “next” thing when what they are doing now is working for them?
It could be various reasons and I might wisely consult some of my therapist clients for a hundred different reasons for human behavior 🙂
One thing that I see is that the results don’t come fast enough. People bail out too soon.
The journey becomes a little more difficult. People bail out too soon.
Think back to when you first started training or eating right. All you had to do was SOMETHING.
You didn’t have to eat amazingly well, you just had to clean up a few things and you saw results.
As you got into better shape, it got a little harder. You had to pay attention to tracking your food, you might have to increase your calories, increase the intensity of your training or start paying attention to the lifestyle factors that derail you like sleep or hydration.
As humans we want the path of least resistance. We also want the “new” thing that’s going to get us amazing results.
The problem is that if you continue to do the “new” thing over and over, moving from one thing to the next and just giving 10-20% effort, that’s all you’re going to get.
Instead why not give even 75% effort to ONE thing and see it through? (maybe even 100%, come on, just try it….)
Don’t bail out too soon. Stick to the basics. Strength train (with intensity), get your conditioning in (with intensity) and get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water and make the basics of your diet include protein, veggies, healthy fats, some starchy carbs after a workout and you’ll be good to go.
Don’t rush off to the next new thing.
Have a great week,